2010 Trials

The best varieties of 2010 from the Organic Gardening test gardens

By Doug Hall

Photography by Christa Neu


Of the 50-some varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the Organic Gardening 2010 variety trials, we chose our 10 favorites to feature in the magazine. But many of the other varieties revealed at least one commendable quality, whether it was regional adaptability, special culinary uses, or unique beauty. Here are 25 more plants from the 2010 trials, with comments from our test gardeners.


‘Fresh Pick’ snap bean
Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds


This prolific bush bean gave us plump, tasty pods for a good 2 months.

“Bean ‘Fresh Pick’ has good heat tolerance, which is a must in Dallas. It also has a long yield time with tender, flavorful beans.” —Leslie Halleck, Dallas, Texas


‘Purple Dove’ snap bean
Source: Seeds of Change

purple dove beans

Round purple pods with old-time flavor appear prolifically over a long season. The bushy plants are slightly vining in habit but need no support.

“I was still picking these after all the other beans I planted had given up.” —John Lewis, Newport, Rhode Island