2010 Trials

The best varieties of 2010 from the Organic Gardening test gardens

By Doug Hall

Photography by Christa Neu


‘Lime Crisp’ cucumber
Source: Territorial Seed Co.

Slender with a narrow seed cavity, this hybrid cuke stays crunchy at any size—but harvest it small for the finest quality.

“The pale green skin didn’t need to be peeled, and the cucumbers were crisp and tasty for fresh use. For really straight fruit, the vines needed to be trellised—a small price to pay for this very productive cucumber.” —Jackie Smith, Belle Plaine, Minnesota


‘Midnight Ruffles’ lettuce
Source: John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

‘Midnight Ruffles’ leaf lettuce complements other salad greens with its dark color, frilly texture, and mild flavor.

“This is an excellent red lettuce that sized up well in both our spring and fall gardens, outperforming ‘Lolla Rossa’. We enjoyed the taste and crunch of the ribs as well as its productivity.” —Kathy Shaw, Neenah, Wisconsin


‘Okame’ spinach
Source: Nichols Garden Nursery

Although spring sowings of ‘Okame’ bolted sooner than other varieties of spinach, fall sowings held up well. Long leaf stems make harvesting easier.

“Good flavor in the nice big flat leaves, which are easy to clean.” —Leslie Halleck, Dallas, Texas