2010 Trials

The best varieties of 2010 from the Organic Gardening test gardens

By Doug Hall

Photography by Christa Neu


‘Gusto Purple’ pepper
Source: Territorial Seed Co.
purple gusto pepper

Scads of small, hot peppers adorn compact plants that are small enough for container culture and attractive enough to use as ornamentals.

“I can feel a lot of heat in the pepper at any color: green, red, and purple. This is a beautiful plant, taller than the 12 inches of its catalog description.” —Leslie Doyle, Las Vegas, Nevada


‘Spanish Padron’ pepper
Source: Renee’s Garden
spanish padron pepper

Selected for use in tapas, or traditional Spanish appetizers, these mildly hot peppers can be harvested green or red.

“‘Spanish Padron’ produced early and bountifully. I liked the mild heat very much. Cooked some as recommended on the packet in a bit of olive oil—they were delicious.” —Linda Crago, Wellandsport, Ontario