2010 Trials

The best varieties of 2010 from the Organic Gardening test gardens

By Doug Hall

Photography by Christa Neu


‘Million Suns’ sanvitalia
Introduced by Benary, a wholesaler; available at garden centers

Sanvitalia is a compact annual flower that produces an abundance of tiny yellow daisies in full sun and heat.

“Pretty yellow-flowered groundcover that bloomed nonstop. There was absolutely no need to deadhead. That’s my kind of plant!” —Barbara Miller, Boulder, Colorado


‘Kumi Kumi’ squash
Source: Nichols Garden Nursery

kumi kumi squash

Eat this dual-purpose vegetable young, green, and tender, like a summer squash; or let it mature to orange and develop a hard rind, like a winter squash.

“Awesome! They looked great hanging on the vine, and when we put them out for Halloween, we got many comments about the ‘cool pumpkins.’” —Nan Sterman, Encinitas, California