2010 Trials

The best varieties of 2010 from the Organic Gardening test gardens

By Doug Hall

Photography by Christa Neu


‘San Marzano Gigante 3’ tomato
Source: Territorial Seed Co.

san Marzano Gigante 3

In true underdog fashion, this homely, open-pollinated paste tomato came out on top in our taste tests. Tasters described the nearly seedless flesh as sweet, smoky, and mild. Indeterminate.

“I got very good production—lots of tomatoes. This was very good for sauce, nicely flavored and meaty.” —Linda Crago, Wellandsport, Ontario


‘Blush’ tomato
Source: Seeds of Change
blush tomato

This torpedo-shaped tomato, yellow with a red blush, scored second place in our office taste test. Tasters noted its sweet and fruity flavor. Indeterminate.

“‘Blush’ is beautiful and sweet when fully ripe. The fruits did crack badly when the rains started.” —Debbie Leung, Olympia, Washington