Editor-in-Chief Ethne Clarke shares all that’s good, and sometimes surprising, in the garden, from the garden, and about the garden.
Our CEO Maria Rodale's blog: Maria's Farm Country Kitchen...making the complicated simple, easy, and fun—while cooking up trouble and dishing out advice!
Deputy editor Doug Hall answers questions from readers on best organic gardening practices.
Regional advice and timely reminders from Organic Gardening's test gardeners
Findings from Organic Gardening copy editor and ephemera collector Nancy Rutman. Garden flowers and insects are one of the many themes of Nancy’s collection
OG online editor, Eric Hurlock, maintains an organic garden while raising a growing family.
This Imperfect Plot
Mario Machado is a Peace Corps volunteer serving as an agricultural educator in the rural Paraguayan community of Guido Almada.
Go behind the scenes with OG photography editor, Patrick Montero, to see what happens in the studio and the garden.
Garden Fotos
Fascinating entries from contributing editors, interesting voices, and expert gardeners
The Guest Blog
Robyn Jasko, founder of Grow Indie, shares her adventures in DIY food, from seed to plate.
Homesweet Homegrown
Katie Walker, Organic Gardening's Senior Associate Editor for Food and Sustainability, learns to cook organically, locally, sustainably, and--hopefully--deliciously.
What's growin' on at Stonegate Farm, Organic Gardening contributing editor Matthew Benson's Organic micro farm.