11 Nutritious Reasons to Eat Food Scraps

It’s not trash—it’s dinner!

By Emily Main


Citrus PeelsCitrus Peels

Citrus peels are the most underappreciated part of your favorite fruits. Before you cut a lemon, lime, or orange in half, grate the zest off the skin and save it to use as a seasoning for salad dressings, or as a garnish for your favorite cocktails. Any citrus rind can be boiled on the stove as a natural air freshener, and you can use leftover lemon peels, sprinkled with salt, to clean your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Or fill a glass container with citrus peels, which contain the natural solvent d-limonene, and cover them with white vinegar, another natural solvent. Let the mixture steep for about 2 weeks, strain out the peels, and you have a potent homemade all-purpose citrus-scented cleaner.

Yum: Candied Citrus Peels

Photo: (cc) Lenore Edman/Flickr