The 13 Best Food Combos on the Planet

The right food combinations can help you lose weight, prevent cancer, lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, and much more.

By Adam Baer


Broccoli + Tomatoes Broccoli & Tomatoes
New research shows that this combo prevents prostate cancer, but no one is sure why. In a recent cancer research study, John W. Erdman Jr., Ph.D., of the University of Illinois proved that the combination shrank prostate-cancer tumors in rats and that nothing but the extreme measure of castration could actually be a more effective alternative treatment. (What more motivation do you need to embrace this one-two punch?) “We know that tomato powder lowers the growth of tumors,” says Erdman. “We know that broccoli does, too. And we know they’re better together. But it’s going to take years to find out why.”

Photo: (cc) Daniel Panev/Flickr

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