6 Best Vegetables You’re Not Eating

Get out of your spring vegetable slump with these unusual, nutrient-packed veggies.

By Emily Main


what is a garlic scape?Garlic Scapes

People who love garlic will love garlic scapes, the long green tendrils that shoot out of garlic plants around mid-June. With a milder flavor than pure garlic, scapes have been described by some foodies as a garlic lover’s nirvana. Because their flavor is so mild, you can use them in everything from scrambled eggs to pesto without drowning your food in pungent, garlicky aroma. You can even eat them whole as you would green beans. Belonging to the garlic family, they also provide all the same benefits as those aromatic cloves: helping to prevent heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, and even warding off infections.

Photo: (cc) Eli Duke