6 Best Vegetables You’re Not Eating

Get out of your spring vegetable slump with these unusual, nutrient-packed veggies.

By Emily Main


what are seabeans?Sea Beans

Salty with a slightly briny aftertaste, sea beans taste like what they sound like. They belong to the Salicornia family of plants that grow wild along salt marshes and seashores, although a number of farmers are starting to cultivate them. Eat them raw to enjoy their salty flavor, or blanch them and treat them just as you would green beans. Keep an eye out for them at farmers’ markets or at gourmet grocers, but keep in mind they’ll cost you a pretty penny. Even though they were referred to as “poor man’s asparagus” in the past, Earthy.com sells them for $14.99 per pound.

Photo: (cc) John Herschell/flickr