6 Best Vegetables You’re Not Eating

Get out of your spring vegetable slump with these unusual, nutrient-packed veggies.

By Emily Main


did you know you can eat stinging nettles?Stinging Nettle

Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies needs to stock up on stinging nettle while it’s in season, which is now. Iron-rich and loaded with vitamin C, the leaves also contain histamine, the chemical your body produces during an allergic reaction. So eating it helps you build up your body’s immunity. But more than just a medicinal aid, stinging nettle will add a peppery zip to any dish with greens. Use it as you might use spinach, but always blanch the leaves first to get rid of the chemicals in the plant that cause it to sting you (by the same token, always handle raw leaves with gloves on). Try them in this Wild Greens Risotto.

Photo: (cc) brew books/flickr

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