6 Healthy Fats You Should be Eating

Don't ban the good ones!

By Emily Main


ghee is a healthy fat3. Ghee
Also known as Indian clarified butter or drawn butter, ghee is butter that has been melted over a low temperature so that all the water content has boiled away and the milk fats have been skimmed off. What remains is a nutty, intensely flavored fat that has the same levels of saturated fat as butter but is even more nutritious. The process of creating ghee concentrates the conjugated linoleic acid—a healthy cancer-fighter that also prevents atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)—found in the butter. And when you go grass-fed for either ghee or butter, you get an extra dose of omega-3s from the grass on which dairy cattle feast.

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Photo: (cc) Cara Faus/Flickr