7 Seasonal Superfruits

Cold weather doesn't have to mean a boring fruit bowl. Try these deliciously different seasonal fruits to net yourself a brightly-hued bounty of nutrition.

By Amy Ahlberg


Longans are the perfect winter fruit.Longans           

Another relative of the lychee, longans are native to China, but are now grown in Hawaii and across the Caribbean. Stock up on them this time of year because they've traditionally been used to settle upset stomachs and fever reducers, making them great natural flu remedies, and like their relatives, longans are high in disease-fighting antioxidants.  Also known as "dragon’s eye," a longan kind of looks like one, with a black seed centered in translucent white flesh, and it tastes similar to a chewy grape. You can find Hawaii-grown longans in Asian markets nearly year-round. Store them in a perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator for a week or two. You can simply rinse, peel, and seed longans to eat as snacks or to add to fruit salads and desserts. But don't toss the seeds. The seeds have a high saponin content, and thus can be used as soap or even shampoo.

Photo: (cc) Junmon_W-Chan/flickr