7 Seasonal Superfruits

Cold weather doesn't have to mean a boring fruit bowl. Try these deliciously different seasonal fruits to net yourself a brightly-hued bounty of nutrition.

By Amy Ahlberg


Asian Pears are the perfect winter fruit.Asian Pears

Though their softer Bosch relatives are long gone by now, hard-when-ripe Asian pears are perfect for cold storage and easy to find in farmer's markets and grocery stores this time of year. Why's that a good thing? Asian pears have significantly more fiber than other pear varieties, so chomping down on one a day is good for your heart and wards off diabetes. Select the most fragrant, unblemished Asian pears when shopping; a sweet scent is the best indication that the pears are ripe. They can be kept for up to a week at room temperature or up to three whole months in the fridge. Thanks to their sweet pear flavor and crunchy texture, Asian pears are perfect additions to salads, and are delicious grated into slaws. They work well in place of apples in all kinds of recipes, from holiday stuffing to baked dishes.

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Photo: (cc) See-ming-Lee/flickr