7 Spices That Could Extend Your Life

Super healing powers are hiding out in your spice cabinet.

By Leah Zerbe



Superfood effects: What can’t this miraculous spice do? Widely shown to quell nausea stemming from motion sickness, chemotherapy, and pregnancy, ginger can also help all sorts of other health problems, including migraines. Ginger is rich in blood-pressure-regulating magnesium, a trace mineral many Americans don’t get enough of. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory agent, setting your body up to prevent chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Some lab studies even found ginger killed off cancer cells in test tubes.

Use it: Grate a bit of fresh ginger and add to stir-fries, juice, or fruit salad.

Try it: Ginger-steamed Black Cod

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