7 Truly Foreign Foods You Need to Eat

Try eating invasive species instead of your run-of-the-mill supermarket meat.

By Leah Zerbe


Eat this invasive species: NutriaBy now, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of eating factory-farmed meat. Antibiotics, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals run rampant in typical supermarket fare. To avoid these perils of the food system—and to help create healthier ecosystems—one author suggests a rather unconventional remedy: Eat invasive species. “The main reason to look at invasive species as food is to leverage self-interest as a tool for the removal of these species,” says Jack Landers, author of the upcoming book Eating Aliens: One Man’s Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species.

Removing invasive species—plants and animals that aren’t native to a particular area—could boost biodiversity along with environmental and economical health. The other positive side to not just removing, but also eating, invasive species is that it lessens the need for factory farming.

Photo: (cc) Ro Ng/Flickr