7 Truly Foreign Foods You Need to Eat

Try eating invasive species instead of your run-of-the-mill supermarket meat.

By Leah Zerbe


Eat this invasive species: DandelionDandelions

Americans spend millions of dollars a year battling dandelions, a weed native to Eurasia that we will never get rid of. Instead of using toxic pesticides, why not embrace the super nutritious weed and eat it? “Remember, they were brought to North America as a vegetable in the first place,” says Landers.

Dandelions are richer in beta carotene than carrots! To tap in to the green power, harvest tender young greens in a pesticide- and fertilizer-free zone before the plant has flowered and use it in a mesclun salad or smoothie.

Supermarket Fix: If you don’t want to forage for dandelion, you can often find organic dandelion greens in the grocery store, although they likely aren’t as fresh.

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Photo: (cc) digital_image-fan/flickr