BLT: The Perfect Summer Sandwich

At the height of growing season, one meal rises above the rest.

By Diana Pittet


Why We Love the BLT



  • 'Iceberg' for tradition and a cool, crisp snap
  • Romaine hearts for greens that are more healthful but still crispy
  • Arugula for a peppery hint
  • Frisée (a variety of chicory) for novel texture and slightly bitter zing

Use big, in-season, ripe tomatoes. Try these varieties:

  • Beefsteak, red or yellow
  • 'Black Pineapple'
  • 'Brandywine'
  • 'Cherokee Purple'
  • 'Cosmonaut Volkov'
  • 'Mr. Stripey'
  • 'Ramapo'
  • 'Supersonic'

Tomato tips:

  • Cover the entire surface of the bread with a single, thick slice from a sizeable tomato or a few slices from a smaller one.
  • Sprinkle a little salt onto the sliced tomatoes to draw out their juices and emphasize their sweetness.