The Most Grillable Fruits

Bored with beef? Grab a banana, an apple, a fig, or any of these incredibly tasty, grillable fruits.

By Emily Main


The world of grilled fruit is waiting for you

Chances are, you have a backyard grill, or at the very least a grill pan in your kitchen. And chances are, you’ve never used it to grill fruit. And that is a summer travesty.

“Opposites attract,” says John Schlimm, author of Grilling Vegan Style (Da Capo, 2012). “When that steel or cast iron grill with a flame meets beautiful fruits, it just becomes something incredible,” he says. Grilling causes the sugars in fruit to caramelize, creating new smoky concoctions that remind you how decadent, yet low-calorie and chock-full of vitamins, fruit can be.

“Grilling fruit is such a simple process,” Schlimm says. But he does have a few tips for fruit-grilling newbies. Always brush whatever fruits you’re grilling with a little bit of olive oil. “The oil adds another element to the flavor profile,” he says, and it keeps fruits from sticking to your grill grates. He also suggests starting to grill your fruit over indirect heat, which isn’t as intense as a direct flame or hot coals. Finally, don’t “set it and forget it.” Fruit doesn’t take long to grill, so stick close to your grill and keep a close eye on it. All that being said, fruit is easy to grill, he says, and here are the best ways to get started!