Main Courses

A hearty fall favorite that combines walnuts and prunes with the earthiness of apple cider.
This new take on an old classic brings new meaning to the phrase 'comfort food.'
An antioxidant-packed chunky tomato chutney to keeps this meat loaf tender, moist and healthy.
This is a delicious and satisfying recipe; it can help you to lose weight and not feel hungry.
Swordfish is stocked with nutrients that are recommended to battle depression, including vitamin B6 and omega-3 fatty acids.
Combine shrimp and corn for a great and simple meal.
Combine this chicken recipe with the recipe for Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde for a delicious meal.
Using a pre-baked crust is the secret to making a quick and healthy pizza on busy weeknights.
A quick and healthy recipe chicken recipe everyone will love.
With appealing Mediterranean flavorings, you'll feel like you're vacationing, not watching your waistline. For a nonveg variation, toss in some grilled shrimp or chicken breast.
The honey-soy mustard crust on the salmon contrasts nicely with the simple and delicious roasted asparagus.
A feast of spring goodness with spinach linguine, asparagus tips, and basil.
A classic Low Country dish that can now be found in Southern-inspired restaurants across the country.
An easy and delicious dish inspired by the restaurant favorite.
A lightened-up version of a classic Baja fish taco recipe.
Not unlike a pesto but much simpler, this is a quick and zingy way to brighten up pasta.
A delicious curry reminiscent of Goa on the Western coast of India
A traditional New Year's Day meal for good luck
If turmeric is the mother of all herbs, cabbage is the mother of all vegetables.
Asparagus in crispy tortilla "sandwiches."