Main Courses

Thee slow roast results in perfect fish every time.
A Mexican-style grilled fish with a kick.
Crispy chicken and hearty potatoes...
The whole family will love this roast chicken sandwich loaded with pickled vegetables!
A classic Low Country dish that can now be found in Southern-inspired restaurants across the country.
A full and balanced meal of juicy steak, sweet peppers, and smooth mashed potatoes.
If turmeric is the mother of all herbs, cabbage is the mother of all vegetables.
Serve the finished steak with this duo of sauces.
A wrap for the tofu lover.
Vetri Foundation's Tia McDonald's exclusive recipe
Substitute vegetables you have on hand, but be sure to include corn, root vegetables, and some kind of bean.
An antioxidant-packed chunky tomato chutney to keeps this meat loaf tender, moist and healthy.
A filling sandwich to share.
This spicy chicken chili is a little lighter than usual, but it’s still hearty and comforting.
Not unlike a pesto but much simpler, this is a quick and zingy way to brighten up pasta.