The 6 Healthiest Meats

Does healthy, green living mean you have to give up meat? Not exactly.

By Emily Main


The 6 Healthiest MeatsWild Boar

Powerhouse nutrient: B vitamins. A serving of wild boar provides you with more than 70 percent of your recommended amounts of niacin, a B vitamin that lowers bad cholesterol and boosts the good, and thiamin and B6, two vitamins that boost your energy levels. It’s also rich in zinc, which fortifies your immune system.

More healthy bonuses: Wild boars are actually invasive and proving destructive for farmers in Texas and California, where they prey on small livestock and destroy crops. Feral pigs have now spread to 45 more states, where they’re destroying forests and competing with native turkeys and quail for food. So you’re doing the American ecosystem a favor by eating your way to a solution to the problem.

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Photo: Mitch Mandel/Rodale