The 6 Healthiest Meats

Does healthy, green living mean you have to give up meat? Not exactly.

By Emily Main


The 6 Healthiest MeatsOrganic Turkey

Powerhouse nutrient: Selenium. In addition to being a great protein source, a 3-ounce serving of turkey gives you nearly a day’s worth of selenium, a mineral that boosts your immune system’s ability to fight off infections. Researchers have also found evidence that selenium binds with the toxic heavy metals mercury and arsenic, making them less harmful to your body, and it activates substances that protect against cataracts and muscle damage to the heart.

More healthy bonuses: As with chicken, studies have shown that organic turkeys are less likely to harbor drug-resistant bacteria than conventional factory-farmed birds, which are routinely fed antibiotics to ward off the diseases that breed in cramped farms. According to the most recent USDA agricultural census, the average turkey farm in the United States houses around 6,200 birds.

Video: How to Carve a Turkey

Photo: Mitch Mandel/Rodale