Your “Happy Hour” Herb Garden

It’s much easier to get motivated to garden when there’s a cocktail awaiting all your hard work.

By Denise Gee


Grow Mint in your cocktail gardenMint

‘Kentucky Colonel’ is the king of cocktail mints, being soft, creamy, and sweet with a hint of lemon. Branch out on occasion with chocolate, lavender (with a floral accent), and lemon (more citrusy) mints. Lightly bruise the delicate leaves into juleps and mojitos to release their flavorful oils and play around with pairing mint with melons, berries, peaches, and ginger. Added as a syrup (syrup recipe at the end of the slideshow), mint gives any drink a sweet and sprightly kick. Just don’t skimp on garnishing glasses with it.

Grow it: Mint thrives in containers. Buy some seedlings at your local nursery, and in spring, plant them in a container that you can place in a partially shaded or sunny spot.

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Photo: Thinkstock