Your “Happy Hour” Herb Garden

It’s much easier to get motivated to garden when there’s a cocktail awaiting all your hard work.

By Denise Gee


Grow basil in your cocktail gardenBasil

Sweet basil has the fullest, sweetest, most complex earthy flavor, and lemon basil has strong lemon undertones. Use it in drinks that normally feature mint (a basil julep can be a pleasant surprise), but also try it in tequila- and rum-based drinks, like margaritas, daiquiris, planter’s punch, fruity martinis, and gin or vodka gimlets.

Grow it: Aim to have about three pots of basil, since you’ll use a lot. Buy a packet of seeds and plant eight each in three 4-inch pots. Put your pots on a sunny windowsill or outside where they’ll get lots of sun.

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Photo: (cc) Rachel Strohm/Flickr