Your “Happy Hour” Herb Garden

It’s much easier to get motivated to garden when there’s a cocktail awaiting all your hard work.

By Denise Gee


Rosemary: Perfect to grow in a Happy Hour GardenRosemary

Rosemary has many varieties—some better for large pots (‘Miss Jessup’s Upright’); others for smaller ones (‘Blue Boy’)—but all varieties offer a piney, pungent, rich, warm flavor that adds zest to berries, citrus, pears, and apples, especially when paired with vodka, sparkling wine, and gin. I love adding it to gin-and-tonics both in syrup form and as a playful stirrer.

Grow it: Rosemary is a hardy, drought-tolerant (read: forgiving for when you forget to water it) herb. Buy seedlings or a small pot of rosemary, and keep it in a spot that’s sunny all day long.

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Photo: Rodale Images