Your “Happy Hour” Herb Garden

It’s much easier to get motivated to garden when there’s a cocktail awaiting all your hard work.

By Denise Gee


Grow Lavender in your happy hour gardenLavender

English lavender has the fullest, sweetest flavor, with lemon and citrus notes that add verve to lemony drinks (especially limoncello) and sparkling wine when used primarily as a syrup. Garnish a champagne flute with a single flowering stem and wait for the wows to follow.

Grow it: Lavender does well in hot temps and ceramic pots, which breathe. It does need good drainage, though. Cover the bottom of your pot with gravel, fill with a good potting mix, and place the container in full sun, or someplace that gets at least 3 to 4 hours of sunlight a day.

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Photo: (cc) Allan Henderson/Flickr