Your Perfect Fall Superfood Salad

Ward off cancer, colds, and flu with the nutrient-dense, seasonal produce in this fall salad.

By Amy Ahlberg


mustard greens are another fall superfoodMustard Greens

At Riverpark Farm, spicy mustard greens—such as burgundy-hued ‘Ruby Streaks’—thrive. “In the fall, we start seeing heartier greens like these; they’re full of nutrients and flavor,” he says. In addition to being serious cancer-fighters, mustard greens may also ward off colds, arthritis, and depression. “When young and tender, they can be eaten raw in a salad, or very quickly sautéed. More mature greens are best sautéed longer, or cooked slowly for a long time in stews. The peppery bite of these greens adds a nice dimension to any dish,” says Ortuzar.

Now that you have all the ingredients to your fall superfood salad, here’s how to put them together. This healthy, delicious salad that features a roasted green Arabic grain known as freekeh, a low-carb whole grain that has up to four times more fiber than brown rice. Freekeh kernels are harvested while they’re young and then roasted; thus, they contain more vitamins and minerals, such as immune-boosting selenium, than other grains out there. Once in your stomach, freekeh acts as a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria that aid digestion. Look for it in Middle Eastern markets or natural-food stores.