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October/November 2014
Vol. 61, No. 6

Meet the New Tulips
By planting organically grown bulbs in your garden this fall, you're investing in change—and ensuring a colorful spring.
By Marty Ross

A Floating Garden
From sowing "seed" to the briny harvest, farming oysters is not unlike cultivating a vegetable garden.
By Brian Halweil

California Dreaming
Visit a garden where beautiful food plants are interwoven with flowers in a pollinator-pleasing tapestry.
By Kate Frey

Fruit for Thought
Ready for something different? Expand your horizons with these five tasty but unusual fruit crops.
By Nan K. Chase

Design Like a Pro
Clever ways to integrate edible crops into your landscape.

Skills & Abilities
Plant propagation made easy.

We Like This!
Canning fundamentals.

Food Central
On-the-go recipes for picnics.

Simply Fresh
Turnips and rutabagas.

Heal with Herbs
Herbs to include in your health and beauty regimen.

Ask Organic Gardening
Fall lawn care; planting shallots; squirrel wars.

We Love These Tips
Classic organic advice from Robert Rodale.

Pay Dirt
How to improve your soil's structure.

in every issue
From the Editors
Living an organic life.

Maria's View
What you can do to protect birds.


On the Cover: Plant tulip bulbs now for spring bouquets. Photograph by Thomas MacDonald.

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