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December 2014/January 2015
Vol. 62, No. 1

Pies to Savor
These main-dish pies bring together hearty, nutritious ingredients from the fall harvest. They're a classic comfort food the whole family can agree on.
By Samantha Linsell

The Zen of Candy
Inspired by flavors from the garden, a professional chocolatier created four sweet recipes just for readers of Organic Gardening. Feel free to indulge.
By Bryn Mooth

For the Love of Gardening
Planting beds raised 3 feet above ground level are an efficient, productive spot for a lifelong gardener to grow his vegetables—with no stooping required.
By Linda Askey

Nothing but Air
Air plants are known for their magical ability to thrive without ever dipping a root into soil. More than just houseplants, thry're living sculptures.
By Doug Hall

Design Like a Pro
A landscape makeover reveals a back yard's hidden assets.

Skills & Abilities
Prepare your garden for winter with our cold-weather checklist.

Gift Guide
Eco-friendly holiday gifts

Food Central
Salt and pepper get their due.

Simply Fresh
Nut butters are a healthful snack and so much more.

Living Lightly
Calm everyday stresses with these restful herbs.

Ask Organic Gardening
Protect plants from snow and ice; bugs in birdseed; and more.

Good Bug, Bad Bug
A spider and its dance of doom.

Animal Tracks
Get to know the surprisingly intelligent American crow.

We Like These Tips!
Clever ideas from our readers.

Pay Dirt
How to improve soil drainage.

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From the Editors
Stockpiling the harvest.

Maria's View
A summer break can be good for the garden—and the gardener.

On the Cover: A savory Roast Beet and Onion Galette. Photograph by Mitch Mandel.

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