10 Fast Ways to Control Pests

10 easy ways to outsmart garden pests


Did insect pests get the best of you and your garden last year? Were you witness to overnight attacks on your veggie crop? Are you a bit worried that this year might bring a repeat performance? Never fear! Here are 10 timely, timesaving tips to help you take charge of your garden’s bad bugs now:

Mix your signals
A confusing mix of sights and scents can help deter certain insect pests. So try to increase biodiversity and avoid monoculture by mixing plants from different families. Instead of planting long rows of a single crop, plant onions alongside broccoli, tomatoes with basil and chives, and peas with carrots. Better yet, interplant edibles with ornamentals. Add a few hot pepper plants to your flowerbeds, or edge your vegetable beds with low-growing annual flowers, such as alyssum and dwarf marigolds.

Photo: Lee Leckey