10 Unusual Spring Flowers

These elegant early bloomers carpet the ground with color.

By C. Colston Burrell


Trilliums are a fascinating flower in shape and color.Trilliums (Trillium) fascinate me with their range of colors and intriguing shape. The great white trillium is native throughout the east and Midwest and is easily cultivated in rich soil. Gardeners on the west coast can grow the coast trillium. The unfortunately named bloody butcher is a purple trillium that forms an open groundcover. The dramatic yellow trillium has mottled leaves and lemon-scented yellow flowers.

Many native wildflowers, especially trilliums and fawn lilies, are illegally collected from the wild. Please shop responsibly. Buy only from nurseries that clearly state that their plants are nursery-propagated.

Photo: (cc) Peter Stevens/Flickr