12 of the Most Common Weeds

We will help you identify these unannounced guests.


Carpetweed is one of the 12 most common weeds Carpetweed
Mollugo verticillata
Annual; spreads by seeds; stems grow to 1 foot; found across U.S., except for ND and parts of MT and MN; flowers June through November.

Hoe or pull plants when they appear. Mulch deeply to smother any seedlings.

Photo: (cc) Robert H. Mohlenbrock/USDA



Large crabgrass is one of the 12 most common weeds Large Crabgrass
Digitaria sanguinalis
Annual; spreads by seeds/roots at leaf joints; height to 3 feet; found across U.S., except ND and parts of SD, MT, and MN; flowers June through October.


Pull out entire plant, including roots. Mulch or let grass grow to 3 to 4 inches high to prevent seed germination. Mowing will not kill this plant. Spread corn gluten in early spring to suppress seedlings.

Photo: Rodale