Best of the 2011 Test Garden: Old Favorites

The Best Heirloom Vegetables from Organic Gardening's Test Garden in 2011

By Doug Hall

Photography by Christa Neu


Heirloom vegetables are enjoying a wave of popularity, buoyed in part by a move toward healthier eating. The best of these heritage varieties offer nostalgic flavors that aren’t available from modern hybrids. Here are some of the older varieties that impressed us in the 2011 Test Garden.

OG Garden 2011 Best Of‘Golden’ Beet

‘Golden’ has a milder, more delicate taste than traditional red beets. The golden-orange roots are beautiful in salads, and they don’t “bleed” when cut. Cook them as baby beets, greens and all, or leave them to mature to full size.

Source: Renee’s Garden