7 Ways to Plant Potatoes

We tested 7 easy ways to grow potatoes: 4 in containers, 3 in the ground.

By Doug Hall

Photography by Mitch Mandel


planting potatoes in a garbage bag

5. Garbage Bag

Plant a large plastic garbage bag following the instruction for a Grow Bag, punching a few holes through the plastic for drainage. Roll the top edge of the bag to help it stay upright; otherwise the bag is prone to sag and spill soil. To harvest, rip the bag and dump out the contents.

Pros: Like the Grow Bags, a garbage bag can be employed where in-ground growing is not an option. Black bags capture solar heat to speed early growth.

Cons: Aesthetically, this is the least appealing choice. Yield was meager, perhaps because the thin plastic allowed the soil to heat up too much, limiting tuber formation.

1. Hilled Rows
2. Straw Mulch
3. Raised Bed
4. Grow Bag
5. Garbage Bag
6. Wood Box
7. Wire Cylinder