8 Weeds You Can Eat

One person’s weed-filled lawn is another person’s salad bar.

By Emily Main



Lamb's Quarters make a tasty treat Lamb's Quarters
Despite what it sounds like this isn't meat. Lamb's quarters is a weed commonly referred to as "wild spinach," and fortunately, it starts to appear in early summer after the last of the spring spinach has disappeared from farmer's markets. It's loaded with calcium and protein, as well as vitamins A, C and K, even more so than spinach. The best way to eat the leaves, or pretty much any green weed in this list, is to wash them well, sauté them in olive oil while they're still wet (the steam helps them wilt), then add a dash of salt, garlic, pepper and a squeeze of lemon or lime, says Hank Shaw, forager and author of Hunt, Gather, Cook (Rodale, 2011).

Photo: (cc) frankenstoen/flickr

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