A Best-Practices Guide to Growing Tomatoes

How to achieve your best tomato harvest ever!

By Doug Hall


Tomatoes aren’t the easiest of crops to grow, claiming more than their share of diseases and problems. American gardeners love them anyway and plant them in greater quantities than any other vegetable. No matter how many tomato harvests you’ve seen, each new growing season offers the promise of a crop that’s more abundant, more delicious, healthier, and more beautiful. Toward that end, we’ve assembled our favorite tips for growing summer’s iconic vegetable.

Decisions Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

Choosing the best variety of tomato.

Tomato Basics

Tomato Basics

Important things to know before planting.

Support Systems

Support Systems

Choose from these four trellising systems.



Despite our best efforts, problems will appear. Here are some tips for dealing with them.

Tomato Tips


Everything else you never knew you always wanted to know about growing tomatoes.