Annual Test Garden Review: More!

Here are eight more varieties that impressed us in the 2013 test garden.

By Doug Hall


'Boxwood' Basil

The flavor and aroma are similar to traditional sweet basil, but this compact, mounded herb has much smaller leaves. Grow it in pots or as a kitchen-garden edging.

Boxwood Basil
Lisatada de Gandia Eggplant

'Listada de Gandia' eggplant

'Listada de Gandia' is a stunner, and delicious to boot. The thin-skinned, streaked fruits are about 6 inches long and egg-shaped.
Tomato Growers Supply Co.

'Jimmy Nardello's' pepper

Amazingly prolific and quick to mature, this thin-walled pepper has a sweet, fruity flavor. Enjoy it fresh or lightly sautéed in the traditional Italian style.
Territorial Seed Co.

Jimmy Nardellos pepper
Jasper Tomato

'Jasper' tomato

Fungal diseases often slow down the tomatoes in our test garden well before fall. Not 'Jasper'—its tiny, tangy fruits just kept coming.
Johnny's Selected Seeds