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The best of the best from the 2011 OG Test Gardens.

By Doug Hall

Photography by Christa Neu


snow white tomatoTomato

‘Snow White’

Our test gardeners rarely agree on tomatoes, but ‘Snow White’ brought unanimous praise. Its pale amber color and tropical fruitiness made it a standout among the 22 tomato varieties we trialed in 2011.

Seed Source: Tomato Growers Supply Company

Growing tip: Tomatoes, especially some heirloom varieties, are susceptible to many fungal diseases. John Lewis, our test gardener in Newport, Rhode Island, recommends two techniques that help keep tomato plants healthy. “I mulch to conserve water, but also to cut the spread of disease,” he says. “No soil splashes up on the bottom leaves,” keeping soilborne disease spores away from foliage. And once a week, John inspects his tomatoes and snips off any spotted or yellowing leaves. Regular cleanup of blighted foliage prevents disease from gaining a foothold.