Build a Deer-Proof Fence

Expert instructions for building a deer fence around your garden.

By Lynn Wallingford


A good deer fence will keep the deer out of the garden.When I moved to our property on Farm To Market Road in Whitefish, MT, I chose to build a deer-proof fence to last 100 years. Though there is a path around the outside liberally sprinkled with deer dropping, no deer have gotten in for the past seven years. And I did it all myself.


  • Field fencing (4 ft. high hog wire)
  • 5 six inch pieces of iron pipe, 10 ft long
  • Fencing pliers
  • Roll of smooth wire
  • Cement and sand/gravel mix
  • Fence post digger
  • Chain link gate, or one made from pipe and wire
  • Drill for hinge attachment
  • Fence stretcher
  • Coffee cans
  • L Bolt for hinge
  • T posts, 10 ft tall


1. Dig holes 2-3 feet deep (to frost line) at the corners of your garden, and one extra for a gatepost.

2. Mix cement as directed on the package with sand and gravel.

3. Insert the iron pipe into the holes, plumb with a strong and plumb bob.

4. Fill with cement mixture and let set for a couple of days.

5. Run a string between your posts and measure every 8 to 10 feet for placement of T-bars.

6. Pound the T-bars for a 2-foot depth, in line between the iron posts (I stood on the truck cab to do this).

7. Cut vertical cross wires out of two feet of the end of your field fencing.