Build a Deer-Proof Fence

Expert instructions for building a deer fence around your garden.

By Lynn Wallingford


8. Starting at the bottom, wrap horizontal wires around the post. Secure by twisting ends of wire around the first vertical wire tightly.

9. Unroll wire past the T posts to the gate and corner posts.

10. Attach a fence stretcher to the wire to tighten it along the fence posts, or pull with an attachment to your truck, or use a come along. Attach stretched fencing to the posts with wire fencing clips.

11. On fence corners, use smooth wire to attach each horizontal strand to the pipe.

12. At the end post, cut off vertical cross wires for two feet of horizontal wire to wrap and twist around the end post for secure fastening.

13. Repeat for the top 4 feet of field fence.

14. Wire top to the bottom strands by weaving smooth wire between the middle edges of the two fencing pieces.

15. Fit gate between the gate and corner post. Position so it is 6" off the ground for snow clearance and possible sagging.

16. Mark the hinge placement of the gatepost. Drill holes straight through the gatepost, and fit with a long L shaped bolt that can be tightened on the far side of the gatepost.

17. Use commercial chain link attachments or fit pipe gate with pipe clamps to hook onto the hinge.

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