Co-opt Your Garage

Let your garage enhance your outdoor living space.

By Doug Hoerr


New Point of View

New Point of ViewWhile this house had a charming detached garage, it wasn’t incorporated into the property effectively. As in most back yards, all of the high-use areas hugged the house, giving the homeowners seated at their alfresco dining table a better view of their neighbor’s house than their own. Simple changes made the garage’s garden-side space more intriguing. We removed the foundation plantings that obscured the best features of the garage and softened thebrick facade with new planter boxes. Bluestone paving anda table in front of the improved facade established it as a destination­—a new “cottage” that is an inviting place to eat a meal, appreciate close-up views of the garden areas on either side, and take stock of all the work the homeowners put into making their home a place they love to live in.

Photos: Scott Shigley (before), Hoerr Schaudt (after)