Co-opt Your Garage

Let your garage enhance your outdoor living space.

By Doug Hoerr


Playing Around

Playing AroundThe owners of a center-city townhouse wanted to maximize space to encourage their active kids to spend time there every day. Since the new landscape would devote all available space to active play, there was no way to use plantings to soften the intrusive look of the existing garage. Instead of hiding it, we expanded the garage and created new ways to use it: a tennis backboard on its facade; a wide door that opens to a sheltered play space. Add a Ping-Pong table and table games, and you’re ready for the best kid party on the block! At night, the translucent, backlit door glows and the entire garden is transformed into a courtyard that’s perfect for entertaining grownups or kids. The space feels larger because it is multifunctional.

Photos: Hoerr Schaudt (before), Scott Shigley (after)