Fall for Broccoli

Grow it this fall, and you will enjoy the most tender and flavorful broccoli you've ever eaten--long after the summer garden is a memory.

By Kris Wetherbee


Variety Name 'Calabrese'
Days to Maturity 58 to 80
Description A prolific Italian heirloom producing tight, dark blue-green heads 3 to 6 inches across, followed by lots of tasty side shoots. Great fresh taste.
Comments Very disease-resistant and thrives in cool weather.

Variety Name 'DeCicco'
Days to Maturity 48 to 65
Description Italian heirloom producing earlier harvests than 'Calabrese', with smaller (3- to 4-inch) tender central heads on compact plants that mature over a long harvest period, followed by a bountiful supply of side shoots.
Comments Valued for its fine flavor and ease of growing.

Variety Name 'Early Purple Sprouting'
Days to Maturity 220 to 250
Description English heirloom sprouting type producing numerous smaller shoots rather than one main head. A good variety for overwintering in milder regions. Best planted in mid to late summer for harvests of small but sweet-tasting purple heads the following spring.
Comments Hardy to below 10°F.

Variety Name 'Rosalind'
Days to Maturity 60 to 65
Description Early-maturing, purple-headed broccoli producing 6- to 8-inch fine-textured heads in an eye-catching violet-purple that turn a brilliant emerald green when cooked. Better purple color than other purple types.
Comments Heat-tolerant; produces best-tasting heads during cooler fall weather.

Variety Name 'Umpqua'
Days to Maturity 55 to 60
Description Large central heads producing over a long harvest window followed by a generous offering of side shoots. Dark green heads are well domed and of excellent quality, with fine beads. Comments Has a sweet, tender flavor that some say is unsurpassed for an open-pollinated variety.

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