Gardener’s To-Do List for December

Here’s a zone-by-zone to-do list for the month of December.


Don't keep a live tree indoors too long

December To-Do List: Zone 5
  • Cover spinach and other overwintering crops with a row cover, and then top with 8 inches of straw.
  • Make holiday decorations from holly and evergreen prunings.
  • Wrap trees to protect them from deer and rabbits.
  • Force some paperwhite narcissus bulbs: Put them in a bowl with pebbles and water, set the bowl in a bright cool window, then enjoy the show.
  • Don't keep a live Christmas tree indoors for more than a week or two—plant it in the hole you dug last month.
  • Inspect houseplants for insect pests; treat with insecticidal soap spray, if necessary.
  • Use cut Christmas tree limbs to protect tender perennial beds.