February To-Do List

Everything that needs to be done in the garden this month.


Your February to-do list for zone 5February To-Do List for Zone 5

  • Bring geraniums out of storage; cut them back by half, water well, and set them in a bright, cool window.
  • Indoors under lights, start seeds of sun-loving daisies, columbine (Aquilegia spp.), stocks (Matthiola incana), edging lobelia (Lobelia erinus), and shade-seeking impatiens.
  • Start seeds of lettuce, celery, onions, leeks, and early tomatoes indoors under lights.
  • If the ground isn't frozen, sow some spinach and radishes outdoors under cover.
  • Force some indoor blooms! Cut branches or gather prunings from fruit trees, lilacs, and forsythia. Put them in a vase with water, then enjoy the flowers a few weeks later.