February To-Do List

Everything that needs to be done in the garden this month.


Your February to-do list for zone 7February To-Do List for Zone 7

  • When you see the first crocus open, consider it time to set out transplants of lettuce, cabbages, and onions; cover them on cold nights.
  • In the garden, sow seeds of radishes and cold-hardy lettuces.
  • When daffodils "pop," plant seeds of spinach, turnips, and peas.
  • Cover the pea bed with clear plastic until sprouts begin to emerge; then, immediately switch to a floating row cover to protect the seedlings from weather and birds.
  • Start herb seeds indoors under lights.
  • Also indoors, start seeds of annual flowers—such as ageratum, petunia, and snapdragons—that need 8 to 10 weeks to reach transplant size.