Gardener’s To-Do List: June Edition

A zone-by-zone checklist for the beginning of summer.


June To-Do List for Zone 4Zone 4

  • Early in the month, finish setting out transplants of vegetables and flowers.
  • Plant seeds of warm-weather crops, such as melons and squash.
  • Sow more lettuce so you can keep harvesting leaves, even after the first crop goes to seed.
  • Near month's end, plant cilantro to put in the salsa you'll make later.
  • Stake or cage tomatoes and other veggies and flowers that tend to sprawl.
  • Plant asters and pansies for fall bloom.
  • Spray Bacillis thuringiensis (BT) on brassicas as soon as you spot cabbage moths.
  • Mulch beds as soon as the soil warms up.

Photo: Christa Neu