Gardener’s To-Do List: June Edition

A zone-by-zone checklist for the beginning of summer.


June To-Do List for Zone 5Zone 5

  • Stake dahlias and gladiolas when you plant them to keep from damaging their roots later in the season.
  • Pinch back foliage ends of mums, a 12 inch every 2 weeks.
  • Fertilize roses now: To supply potassium, whiz banana peels in a blender, then plop the stuff beneath the mulch around your roses.
  • Harvest daily from asparagus plants in patches at least 3 years old.
  • For autumn harvest, plant bush beans, Brussels sprouts, and late cabbage.
  • Spray tomato plants with compost tea (made by steeping an old pillowcase filled with compost in a bucket of water) to prevent diseases.

Photo: (cc) Mr Dunk/Flickr