Gardener’s To-Do List for September

Here’s a zone-by-zone to-do list for the month of September.


September to do list for zone 4To-Do List for Zone 4

  • On the first of the month, plant spinach for overwintering.
  • Use up any remaining compost in your bins to make room for the leaves you’ll soon add.
  • Dig up and store tender bulbs and tubers, such as cannas and dahlias.
  • Pick the seedpods and heads of any open-pollinated flowers you want to grow again next year; store the seeds in a cool, dry spot.
  • Set out pansies, mums, and kale for later fall color.
  • Plant bulbs and garlic in midmonth.
  • Get ready to protect tender plants from early frost with row covers and blankets.
  • Look for dry pods on bean plants; save the seed for planting next season.