Guide to Starting Annual Flower Seeds

Save money and grow flowers not usually available in stores by starting your own annual flowers.


Zinnia is an excellent annual flower to start from seedZinnia
Zinnia spp.

Zinnias offer an assortment of bloom colors and shapes on plants that range from 1 to 4 feet tall. Many are great for cutting. If you garden in a humid area, try the newer mildew-resistant varieties, such as ‘Oklahoma’ or ‘Profusion’.

To start seeds indoors: Start Z. elegans cultivars 4 weeks before your last frost date; start slower-growing Z. angustifolia 6 to 8 weeks before that date. Sow the seeds in individual peat pots, barely covering them with soil. Maintain a temperature of 70° to 80°F until the seeds sprout—about a week. Then, lower the temperature to about 60°F. Transplant to the garden around the last frost date.

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Photo: (cc) Maja Dumat/Flickr